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Red Rock Skydiving, LLC

First Time Jumpers

TANDEM Level 1  
1 to 4 people $225 per person
5 or more people, student* or military* $215 per person
*must show ID
Freefall Video
$75 tax included
    (Video footage burned to a DVD)
Freefall Still Pictures
$75 tax included
    (over 25 jpg still pictures burned to a CD)
Freefall Video AND Still Pictures $120 tax included


Already a Jumper?
Here's what you'll pay!

Altitude Price
Up to 10,500 ft $25
Hop N Pop, up to 4,000 ft $15


$25/jump or $60/day (does not include packing)

Last pack of the day must be performed by Red Rock Skydiving Staff.

(Personal / rental gear)


Prices effective 11/01/2014 and subject to change without notice