Red Rock Skydiving, LLC
Karl Priggee

Experienced Skydivers
We offer load organizers, indoor packing, rental rigs and spectacular sedona scenery.

Hours of operation
Open seven days a week, year round, by appointment.
Experienced skydivers - there is a minimum load requirement.

We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Red Rock Skydiving is a USPA group member. You must bring a logbook or documentation from your local DZ, license verification, an in-date rig (or rent one from us) and show proof of current USPA membership.

Jump Aircraft
Our normal jump airplane is a Turbo-charged Cessna 206

Manifest when you are packed and ready to skydive. Please be at the boarding area at the five-minute call. Missed loads might not be refunded. Manifest will keep track of your total and you can pay at the end of the day.

Take off
RIG MUST BE ON, leg straps and chest strap routed properly prior to boarding. Seat belts must be worn on the airplane for taxiing, take-off and landing. Seat belts will remain on until 1,000 feet AGL. If you choose not to wear your helmet, you must secure it to your chest strap or seat belt. After 1,000 feet AGL, you may take-off your seat belt. Please remain seated until 500 feet before exit altitude. At that time you may turn around and prepare for exiting.


Spotting will be done by GPS. The pilot will determine when to open the door and when to exit.

Exit Order (subject to change depending on load):
1. Free flyers
2. Belly flyers
3. Those pulling above 5000 feet
4. Tandems and Instructor-Assisted students

Please ask to see the aerial photo of the landing area. DO NOT cross the runway below 500 feet.

There are many motels and restaurants located in the town of Cottonwood. The closest is the Quality Inn only one mile away - Ask about the skydiver discount. Quality Inn - Cottonwood, AZ 800-710-4207