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Part One: Tandem Progression

Tandem – Categories A and B
Instructor Assisted Skydives - Categories C through E1

After your first exhilarating skydive, you have the option of entering our skydiver certification course so that you might become a fully licensed skydiver. The next step is tandem progression, which consists of a total of three tandems and five instructor assisted skydives. On these tandem skydives you will be trained on how to watch your altitude, fly a stable body position in freefall and pull the ripcord. You will also assist the instructor in flying and landing the canopy. These tandem skydives also provide you with instant coaching and feedback from the instructor. These jumps will prepare you for instructor assisted skydives. On these next five jumps, you will be wearing the skydiving equipment yourself and will have an instructor accompany you in freefall to provide assistance and coaching. You will gradually fly more independently of the instructor on each skydive learning body stability, altitude awareness and how to land the parachute. Once you successfully accomplish the goals of these skydives you will be cleared to skydive without an instructor and ready for Part 2, The "A" License Certification Course.

Part Two: The "A" License Certification Course

Categories E2 through H
Solo and Coached jumps

After you complete Part One, you will begin the next part of the Skydiver Certification Course - The "A" License Certification Course. There are a total of fifteen skydives in this portion of the program. On these skydives you will learn more freefall body awareness and how to maneuver yourself through the air. You will also learn more about flying your canopy, packing your own parachute and many other skills needed to become a licensed skydiver. Interspersed in the solo jumps are coached relative work skydives. You will skydive with a qualified coach who will help refine your skydiving skills and get you prepared to start jumping with other people. When you finish the Skydiver Certification Course, you will have met all the requirements and have all the skills you need to be able to qualify for the United States Parachute Association "A" license. With this "A" license, you can go to almost any drop zone in the world and they will recognize you as a trained and competent skydiver.


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